A loving lesson in bearing Christ to others

Caroline Brown hugs Miss Nicole, the subject of her award-winning essay.


All people here on Earth are wonderfully made by God in His image and likeness. No matter our shape and size, we are all the same in God’s eyes. As Dr. Seuss wrote, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” We should not judge or mistreat people because of their abilities and disabilities.

Every Tuesday, our school is graced with the presence of a very special woman in the K-1 class. Miss Nicole, as they call her, is adored by the children. She is different from us in some ways because she is challenged. Although she cannot do everything the other staff does, she is loved just the same, if not more. She helps the children with simple tasks and by doing so enriches their school experience. Love knows no boundaries, and when we look deeper than the surface of someone, we can always find something to love.

In all schools, the three “r”s are taught: reading, writing, ’rithmetic. In our school, however, four “r”s are taught: reading, writing, ’rithmetic and respect. When Nicole comes in each Tuesday, the children learn a lesson in respect. They learn to look at a person’s abilities instead of disabilities. Her abilities to be cheerful, childlike, and loving are examples of God and His love for us. The children are being taught to treat people with disabilities the same as all of God’s creations. Just because some people are different shapes and sizes, it doesn’t mean that they should have any less rights and equality than others. All people are wonderfully made by God.

I am fortunate and thankful to know this woman personally. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She never hesitates to give me a wave hello and a smile when we meet. I believe that God gave our school Miss Nicole to remind us to never forget to show respect to all people.

We are all different in many ways, some more than others. But no matter what we look like and can and cannot do, we all ought to be respected by one another. God created us to be like Himself, and in respecting others we are following His example. We at St. Christopher’s are taught to bear Christ to others, and Nicole is certainly bearing Christ to us.

CAROLINE BROWN, as a student at St. Christopher School in Baldwin, was awarded first place last spring in the diocesan Respect Life Level 1(middle school) Essay contest.