God encounters in St. Lucia

Youth Voice author Sara Kulins reads the Bible with one of the women the Adelphi students ministered to on their mission trip.

At Adelphi University’s Newman Club meetings, we often share “God Sightings,” things that happened over the course of the week, during which we felt God’s presence. It’s our way of sharing the ways that we recognize His work. For a very special team of 15 students, the week of January 11-18 was filled with not only “God Sightings,” but with “God Encounters.” We traveled to St. Lucia on a mission trip accompanied by Father Lachlan Cameron and our campus minister Steve Cirronella. There we stayed in the city of Castries, at the Marian home where the Carmelite sisters live. During our time there, we did many things to serve God and the people of St. Lucia.

Our corporal works included cleaning up trash and debris from a soccer field, fixing a roof, helping a family move, feeding the poor and much more. A very special woman whom we call “Auntie Sabi” feeds the poor on a regular basis, so on different days we broke into groups to go over to her house to help out and cook with her. Then on Saturday and on Tuesday we were out on the streets of Castries after Mass, serving  bowls of hot soup, porridge, cocoa, tea and more. This is a vastly different experience than donating to a food pantry or writing a check to support a charity financially. I strongly encourage you during this Lenten season to go to a soup kitchen or go out of your way in some way to physically get involved in serving the poor or homeless. It really is so rewarding and fulfilling, wherever you are.

Something really special was how we were able to connect with a group of young adults at a youth group meeting at their parish. Something that really brought us together with the people of St. Lucia were the rallies we held at Ti Rocher and Sacred Heart Parish of Marshan. The rallies included praise and worship music as well as teachings and testimonies. Over the span of four nights each team member had the opportunity to share our testimonies with the St. Lucians.

Adelphi student Claire Flynn enjoys a light moment with some of the children she worked with during the mission trip to St. Lucia.


Something very special about missionary work is that you are not only doing service to the people you meet, but that everything you do is to serve God. I realized that we are His hands and feet, we are His tongue, spreading His words and His immense love for us. Little did we know that we would receive more than we ever hoped for — a stronger faith, everlasting friendships and a passionate love for all of God’s creations. There are simply not enough words to explain the joy, the love and the power of Christ that existed and ran through our blood. It is impossible to summarize the amazing things we experienced during the St. Lucia mission trip. You can find more stories and different accounts of our experiences in St. Lucia, from other team members in our blog on the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s website:  https://drvc.org/missionaryheart.

SARA KULINS is a student at Adelphi University.