An exciting music program at Our Lady of Lourdes

By Alicia Coppola, Alysia Turnbull and Elizabeth Flynn

Our Lady of Lourdes School in West Islip has an exciting music program!  We offer band, guitar, choir, chorus, violin, piano and recorder.  Our teachers for these awesome programs are Ms. Anne Marie Buonaspina, Ms. Maggie Fatsis, Mr. Adam Nadler and Ms. Rachel Pantorno. Choir is on Tuesdays. Chorus is one period a week, violin is once a week, piano is every Friday and recorders are every Wednesday.

For band you get to pick your own instruments. The choices are the flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, drums, trombone, and the bells. Ms. Buonaspina puts music on the Smart Board so we can practice the different songs we are learning. For choir we are learning songs to sing during our school Mass. In chorus we are learning Christmas songs for our concert in December. In cello and violin and we are learning how to play the song “Dynamite.” Our goal is to learn how to read and play different types of music. Visit our website at to learn more!

Alicia Coppola and Alysia Turnbull are in the fourth grade, and Elizabeth Flynn is in the fifth grade, at Our Lady of Lourdes School, West Islip.