‘Why We Are Pro-Life!’

by Grace Agolia ‘13,
Ashley-Marie Zambrano ‘13,
and Laura Dautzenberg ‘14

The infinite question that has confounded millions of people and that continues to do so is, “What is life?” In our struggle to define what life is, we have also been called to respond to the immorality of abortion. As Catholics, we firmly believe that all life is sacred because we are all God’s children, brought to life by His will. Science confirms that life begins at the moment of conception and that same life should be preserved until natural death.  

From a theological standpoint, every human being is uniquely created by God in His image to serve a purpose in this world. God knows and plans the life of each person even before he or she is born. At the moment of conception, God breathes life into the individual and in doing so, He sows into them the seeds of potential. Every person deserves a chance to live out his or her potential and flower into a productive being; therefore, if human beings are aborted, their chances to fulfill God’s plan are eradicated. Each of us is just one puzzle piece in God’s almighty plan, but without all those pieces, the puzzle is not completed.  

Furthermore, the gift of life brings us into relationship with one another, and we embody the Communion of Saints here on earth by actively loving and caring for each other. The unborn child in a mother’s womb, the beggar shivering on the corner, the old woman at the bus stop, are all God’s children and should be respected as the offspring of God. How many times have we held a baby in our arms and realized how innocent, vulnerable, and lovable this life is? Truly, life brings much joy, love, and compassion for others. If we choose to let this life die, then we all die because we are universally connected to each other as part of the one Body of Christ.

Every one deserves a chance
We are pro-life because we believe that every human being deserves a chance to live and fulfill God’s plan, and no other person should take this opportunity away. For one person to take another’s life is wrong, regardless of the age of the person. Intentionally killing a human being who is growing in the womb is simply immoral because a helpless child of God loses his or her opportunity to live and change the world. An aborted child could be the person to cure cancer or become the president of the United States. Instead, his or her opportunity to try to fulfill these aspirations is mercilessly taken from them. The unborn children’s seeds of potential are never able to blossom, and humanity loses people who may be able to change lives for the better. The seeds of hope planted by God need to be nurtured and grown, not destroyed.

When some people say that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body, they are not allowing the unborn a voice. The baby is a human being, and we who can speak out against abortion, must be the voice of every unborn child and support the right of that person to live. There is something intriguing about the term, “pro-choice.” We have a choice to let another human being live or die. If we choose to let that person live, are we not “pro-choice” in the sense that we are giving the baby the life it was destined? When many mothers say, “I’m pregnant,” or, “I’m going to have a baby,” they are directly stating that they have life within them.

The Bible corroborates the statement that life exists in the mother’s womb when Elizabeth greets Mary in Luke 1:44, “For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy.” Very often, we hear abortion supporters use the words, “This is my body,” to defend the taking of life. We hear the same words at Eucharist, when Jesus says, “This is My Body, given up for you.  Do this in memory of me.” Jesus is in fact saying that He sacrificed His life for each of us, so that we might live. It is imperative that we do the same by supporting the right to life of every human being, in remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. Jesus teaches us to sacrifice ourselves for others because that is the ultimate act of love. Because of these reasons, we must always remember, “A person’s a person, no matter how small” (Dr. Seuss from Horton Hears a Who).

When we look back and think of all the good experiences in our lives and the people who have touched us, we cannot help but think that many others will not be able to experience life in the same way. In the Catholic League chapter at Sacred Heart Academy, we and the other leaders of our club help spread awareness about abortion by presenting several discussion topics regarding this issue. In addition to our discussions on abortion, many of our girls put our words into action by attending the annual Stand Up for Life along Route 110 as well as the annual March for Life in Washington D.C.

Out of all the footsteps that are imprinted on our hearts each moment of our lives, there are very tiny footprints that we may never notice. If we give the unborn of this world a chance at life, then we may witness a new revolution: the pro-life transformation. It is then that we may see a new dawn, as the life-giving Son shines on a new world and a new generation.

GRACE AGOLIA,  ASHLEY-MARIE ZAMBRANO and LAURA DAUTZENBERG, pictured above, from left, are students at Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead.