The Memory Project

From left, Melissa Delaney, Victoria Fioravanti, Nicole Rodriguez-Baez, John Chorzepa, Kaitlyn Carty and Cara Yacovone hold portraits of their “models.”

Six gifted artists at St. Mary’s High School, Manhasset, recently completed a special assignment that promises to bring smiles to the faces of a group of orphans in Southeast Asia. Under the direction of the school’s Fine Arts chairperson, Cheryl Prochilo, seniors Kaitlyn Carty, John Chorzepa, Melissa Delaney, Victoria Fioravanti, Nicole Rodriguez-Baez and Cara Yacovone drew portraits of six children residing at an Indonesian orphanage. The pictures, along with personal notes from the student artists, will be delivered to the orphans by the Memory Project, a non-profit organization that uses art to build bridges between young people in America and disadvantaged children in other countries. The St. Mary’s students, working off of photos of their “models,” used mixed media of color pencil and watercolor to create the portraits.