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Several states are considering legislative measures to let physicians prescribe (but not administer) a lethal dose of a toxic drug to their patients, thereby assisting their patients to commit suicide. This is known as physician-assisted suicide. Advocates of this practice assure us that this can be a good choice for someone who is dying, or who wants to die.

If physician-assisted suicide really represents a “good choice,” we need to ask: why should only physicians be...


When I make presentations on end-of-life decision making, I sometimes have

An important but often unacknowledged angle of the abortion debate involves the

Back in the early 1800s, most practicing physicians refused to believe that the simple

Many well-intentioned pro-lifers have inadvertently adopted flawed or incomplete

Human pregnancy begins whenever a sperm unites with an egg inside the fallopian

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Mitochondria are small, elongated structures in a cell that produce energy. These

Human beings naturally recoil at the prospect of pain and suffering. When a sharp object

Many influential people and institutions in our society, including Hollywood and the mass

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