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Several states are considering legislative measures to let physicians prescribe (but not administer) a lethal dose of a toxic drug to their patients, thereby assisting their patients to commit suicide. This is known as physician-assisted suicide. Advocates of this practice assure us that this can be a good choice for someone who is dying, or who wants to die.

If physician-assisted suicide really represents a “good choice,” we need to ask: why should only physicians be...


I once asked a young physician whether he had received any training in medical ethics during medical school.

A key argument in the embryonic stem cell debate — widely invoked by scientists, patient advocacy groups, and politicians — involves the fate of frozen embryos.

In modern times, dying is more and more often portrayed as a cold,

I once heard a remarkable story from a woman named Cecilia

Discussions about the morality of stem cell research often focus

When I do presentations on in vitro fertilization, audience members sometimes

Some medical conditions can be made worse by becoming pregnant.

In a recent article entitled “How We Created the First Synthetic Cell,”

While it may cost an arm and a leg to live in the state of New York these days,

In recent years, some medical practitioners have suggested that death from dehydration

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