Life issue has vast priority
With regard to your editorial of 9/12 wherein you deplore the lack of charity of those who penalize Church and private charities for providing help to immigrants, you state your belief that this is as much of an assault on religious freedom as the abortion/contraception mandate of the Obama administration.

Yes, both are an assault on our religious freedom, but I fear the coupling of these two issues, 1) Denying help to...


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Richness of new translation

Where is everyone ?
Editor: I was in church this past Sunday

Choosing candidates  
Editor: As we approach the month of November, we will once again be asked to cast our votes for the candidates most capable of governing us with truth and justice.

We need men and women candidates who have the courage to speak out against the evils of economic disparity, social injustice, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, morally dubious wars, and same-sex marriage.

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