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In the fall of 1990, Blessed John Paul II had a letter sent to all the bishops of the world inviting them to observe the 100th anniversary in 1991 of the publication of Pope Leo XIII’s renowned encyclical on social justice, Rerum Novarum.  Working in Boston at the time, I proposed to the Cardinal that I devote a weekly column in the Archdiocesan newspaper, The Pilot, to Catholic social teaching beginning with Rerum Novarum but setting forth the vast richness of...


This perennial Lenten plea comes from the hearts of all of us who embrace this season of Lent

Five years ago, when the Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) was first established

Of all the Lenten practices that make this season so rich, I readily embrace spiritual reading

There are times I think we need to re-visit all the documents of the Second Vatican Council and re-read them to discover

This Friday, February 25, all the priests of our Diocese are having a Convocation to spend time in priestly fraternity and to have a day

Last week on two cold evenings Msgr. Robert Morrissey and I sallied forth to receptions organized in support of

Over last weekend I came across the kind of news that literally made my heart beat. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict

There is nothing that a Bishop does in governing a diocese that is more important than

On January 5, the rector and vice rector of our Seminary of the Immaculate Conception left for the Holy Land

Every month the Long Island chapter of Legatus meets for Mass, dinner and an inspirational speaker.

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