Bishop will ordain 11 permanent deacons

ROCKVILLE CENTRE — Bishop William Murphy will ordain 11 men to the diaconate on May 14 at St. Agnes Cathedral here. The diaconate is a vocation, a call to serve God and His people in ordained ministry. It is a permanent vocation and not a step in preparation for the priesthood. Deacons receive the sacrament of holy orders and are members of the clergy. Deacons are ordinary ministers of Holy Communion, may preach at Mass and preside at weddings and baptisms. They can also officiate at wake and burial services as well as other forms of liturgical prayer, but they cannot celebrate Mass or administer the sacraments of penance, confirmation, or anointing of the sick.

The men who will be ordained are:

Scott Graham Baker, Richard Henry Becker, Basil Anthony Bliss, Dale William Bonocore, James Joseph Byrne, Andres Christopher Colpa, Louis Francis Cosentino, Michael Joseph Monahan, Richard Horatio Portuese, Evenou Saint-Louis and Joseph David Zubrovich.