Bishop appoints new co-chancellors

Sister Lucy Blyskal

Rockville Centre — Bishop William Murphy has appointed Msgr. Andrzej Zglejszewski and Sister of St. Joseph Lucy Blyskal as the new co-chancellors for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, effective Oct. 17. They will replace Sister of St. Joseph Kathleen Schaetzle, who was appointed chancellor in 2008 and will assume the position of business manager for her congregation’s finance office.

“I am very grateful for Sister Kathy’s hard work and dedication over the years on the many tasks of the diocesan chancellor, but particularly so in coordinating the efforts of the diocesan pastoral council, organizing the diocesan ‘Belong More Deeply’ Pentecost Mass at St. Anthony’s High School this past June, and most recently for the many hours she worked in pulling together our diocesan ad limina report, which was recently sent to the Holy See,” said Bishop Murphy. 

“Serving as the chancellor of the diocese for the past three years has been an honor and a privilege,” Sister Kathy noted. “The genuine support and affirmation I have always received from Bishop Murphy and the experience of ministering with the many dedicated people in the pastoral center have greatly enriched my life.”

Sister Kathy’s departure marked an appropriate time to review how best to configure the chancellor’s office to meet the needs of the diocese. As co-chancellor, Msgr. Zglejszewski will oversee the sacramental and pastoral issues of the office. He will also continue as director for the Office of Worship, a role in which he has served since 2007. Co-chancellor Sister Lucy, who has a doctorate in canon law, the body of regulations that govern the Church, will oversee all recordkeeping and administrative functions that canonically belong with the Office of the Chancellor. Sister Lucy was previously appointed a judge for the diocesan tribunal, the diocesan body that assists Catholics seeking an annulment, in 1987 and as diocesan vice chancellor in 1995.

“This new appointment of co-chancellors will allow the Office of the Chancellor to respond more properly to the wide spectrum of pastoral and canonical concerns our pastors, priests and parish teams have ministering to the people of God,” noted Msgr. Zglejszewski. “It is Bishop Murphy’s desire to have our chancery office be there and be available, not only as an agency overlooking canonical issues, but also providing support for all liturgical and sacramental needs of our parishes, especially now when we are entering into a new liturgical reform with the third edition of the Roman Missal.”

“Having had the position of vice chancellor previously, I’m delighted to once again serve the wonderful people of the Diocese of Rockville Centre,” said Sister Lucy. “As a Sister of St. Joseph, whose mission is to continue Jesus’ mission of revealing God’s love for all, my hope is to reflect this love by applying my canonical expertise with pastoral sensitivity and compassion.”

“I have worked with Msgr. Andrzej Zglejszewski and Sister Lucy Blyskal and know that they bring many fine gifts and talents to their new role as co-chancellors,” said Sister Kathy. “I wish them many blessings and much happiness in the years to come.”

 “Both Msgr. Andrzej and Sister Lucy bring excellent credentials to their new responsibilities but they also bring a love for God and the Church and a deep appreciation of the pastoral life of the Church,” said Bishop Murphy. “I thank them both for accepting to serve as chancellors for the Diocese of Rockville Centre.”