Our Readers Respond-October 3, 2012

An outstanding Sister
Sister Therese Landry, FMM (TLIC obituaries, 9/26) was one of a number of outstanding Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who contributed greatly and made the present St. Francis Hospital (in Roslyn) possible!

As vice president of Development and Community Relations, I had the honor of working closely with Sister in her role as executive director. She was a delight. Everyone loved her: the staff, patients, volunteers and the benefactors of the hospital. Sister projected the excellence, the caring and compassion that became the hallmark of the Heart Center.

May she rest in peace.
Frank Regnante
West Islip

Protect our Church
On July 14-15, Infant Jesus Parish in Port Jefferson invited Al Barbarino to sing and speak at all the Masses. On the following three evenings he presented our parish mission. Al is a Lay Franciscan with Father Benedict Groeschel’s community, the Friars of the Renewal. For the past 22 years, Al has sung and preached across the United States and abroad. His mission simply is to evangelize and help the poor.

As a result of his presentation at the Masses, the three nights of the mission were greatly attended. Father Patrick Riegger, our pastor, along with the parishioners, were very touched with the diversity of topics presented, along with Al’s inspirational, spirit filled music. Al spoke about our faith with such total sincerity, simplicity and passion, at the same time reinforcing the very basics of our Catholic faith. He addressed issues we contend with in our secular lives, and even more as Catholics.

He covered daily prayer life, the Mass, the sacraments, sacramentals, our crosses and sufferings, the role of Our Lady in our faith, eternal life, total trust and surrender to God (Divine Mercy), adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, etc. The people left each night feeling strengthened and renewed in our beautiful Catholic faith.

Al also included in his talk the pressures our Church is encountering with the HHS Mandate and freedom of religion, which is under major threat.

In no uncertain terms, he said, we must be reminded what our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and Cardinal Dolan have said, “that the people are the Church, and because we are in a critical crisis, we must stand and make our voices heard — protecting our Church!”

Al said, “This is not about politics, this situation is a direct attack on our Church; our God-given right, our religious freedom and our constitutional right is truly in grave jeopardy! We must be honest and truthful in our personal relationship with Jesus. We cannot go to Mass, etc., and then support a policy that is in total defiance of God and His Commandments. We can’t be spiritually bipolar; saying one thing and doing something else”!
Tinamarie Aleixo
Legion of Mary, Vice President,
Ave Maria Presidium

Life in the Spirit
In the September 26 TLIC letters to the editor, a woman is asking “What happened to Life in the Spirit seminars?”

I would like Catherine Silvia (and other readers) to know that on six Friday mornings, October 12- November 16, from 9:30-11:30 a.m., a Life in the Spirit seminar is taking place, facilitated by Barbara Campbell, MA, CSD, at St. Patrick’s Church, Huntington, in Murray Hall (lower church).

There is a $15 fee to cover materials. Bring your Bible or one will be provided. For registration or in formation call Pat (631-470-4082) or Bernadette (631-271-9360).
All are invited – experience a renewal of faith.
Rodee Hansen