Our Readers Respond-November 3, 2010

Love like God
God is love, and more. When one gives of himself for the sake of the other, it is an act of love and God is there — God is love. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three persons, but one being. Each person in the Trinity gives of Himself for the other, eternally. God loves us. We were created to serve God and to make earth like heaven; to love.

A government that mandates redistribution of resources is really totalitarianism masquerading as charity. That government eventually becomes a power grab for the elite while the rest of us jump for crumbs.  That’s not freely giving of self and it’s not love.

I’m starting to think that subsidiarity doesn’t just mean minimal federal intervention. Doesn’t it mean more self-donation: renouncing my need in order to provide for the other; dismissing my injury in order to offer true forgiveness. Frankly, that’s not my focus. That does not appear to be society’s focus. We know how to administer goods and services in the most cost effective way. That’s not charity. That’s a safety net for us all; an insurance policy.

When we don’t love like God, then God is not here. Who are we worshipping?
Dorothy Glasser

Morality in government
In New York there was a (just completed) heated gubernatorial race where the media grabbed the sound bites over candidate fidelity. There were seven candidates. Knowing that during my young life I had been guilty of some excess I must show graciousness towards our state officials and leaders. I will however emphatically say that there is a strong need for statewide repentance and a universal call for discipline and chastity discussion. There are too few instances where public candidates admit their failures, pledge to change and move forward. The media, being what they are, detected almost every tidbit of gossip. This is part of free speech. Where attention is needed is the severe lack of morality in New York government. I struggle over the state promotion of embryonic egg sales and state payments for these experiments that literally destroy the special privacy of the conception of a child.  

In the mid ’80s and early ’90s the battle over abortion was raging. The since-deceased Bishop Austin Vaughan (auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New York) challenged then-Gov. Mario Cuomo over the prosecutions of pro-life protestors. This quiet and humble bishop was a man of fidelity and morals that balanced with his responsibilities. The political leaders of today could find good inspiration from his sacrifices and courage to speak out in the name of morality and freedom.
John McGowan
Port Jefferson Station