Our Readers Respond-November 24, 2010

True beauty
Editor: Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are coming up soon, it is a festive season for people to get “dressed up.” I was shopping recently for a black tie affair and I noticed a lot of the “dressy dresses” were very inappropriate — very low cut or too tight fitting. Even the most “perfect” figure would look chintzy and these dresses were very costly! Finally, I found a beautiful dress — elegant, classy and stylish — that did not fall into the “improper” category.
I believe that no matter what age you are from 7 to 107, women and men should dress with class. Plunging neck lines, micro-minis, tight dresses that look like rubber bands, make one look unapproachable and truthfully — ugly! For the gentlemen — shirts open to their waist, very tight slacks, or pants falling off their bodies are not “cool.” It does not look admirable or stylish. I have seen people purposely avoid women or men who dress so provocatively at parties or social functions. It does not put these underdressed gals or guys in a shining light.
One can do much highlighting aspects of themselves to appear attractive. The biggest beauty secret is to love God and respect yourself as a woman or man. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is “purity.” God reveals to us in the Bible, “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.” Something to think about this Christmas season!
Lauren Ferraro
Ft. Salogna