Our Readers Respond- January 26, 2011

Support Catholic schools

I would like to thank letter writer Karin Frey for her thoughtful and generous comments about our Catholic schools (“Help Keep Catholic Schools Open,” TLIC 1/5). As a Catholic school parent with sons at Our Lady of the Hamptons in Southampton and Chaminade, I am grateful that the opportunity for a Catholic school education still exists. Ms. Frey referenced her memory of the Bing Crosby movie, “The Bells of St. Mary’s.” Coincidentally, Our Lady of the Hamptons has a major fundraising effort underway, which our Principal Sister Kathy Schlueter has named, “The Bogardus Project,” after the movie’s generous character who saved “St. Mary’s,” Horace P. Bogardus. The quest for space for our thriving school has been called “The Bogardus Project” as a sign of belief in the spirit and generosity of benefactors past, present and future.

As we approach the start of Catholic Schools week, I join Ms. Frey in petitioning our fellow Catholics to support Catholic schools, whether it be Our Lady of the Hamptons, your local school, or through the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation. Let’s work to keep our Catholic schools open and thriving and educating our children, as they do so well.

Catherine Allan

Thank you to high school students

I would like to acknowledge the young men and women from the following high schools who made the Gerald J. Ryan Outreach holiday program (at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, Wyandanch) a huge success. Toys for Tots has not been able to meet our needs for the last two years and we were in desperate need of 1,800 toys for needy children of Wyandanch.

We acknowledge St. Anthony’s High School and St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School for toys as well as their year round service at the Outreach. In addition, this year we thank the students from St. Mary’s High School (Our Lady of Miraculous Medal pastor Father Bill Brisotti’s alma mater), Holy Trinity Diocesan High School and St. Dominic High School. Finally, we acknowledge Kellenberg Memorial High School for the overwhelming toy drive that was an amazing feat. This letter is written to acknowledge all of your outstanding work, answering the call to meet the needs of the poor. We thank you for your generosity, knowing that you will never be forgotten. God bless the faculty, students, parents and all who had a part in our success.

Noelle Campbell
Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Center

Well said …

Thank you for your article in the January 12 issue of the Long Island Catholic entitled “Dissent and the Catholic press.” You expressed so clearly the role of the Catholic press which is to “help illuminate the teachings of the Church” and to help us as Catholics to understand our faith more fully. Your last sentence was “that can only happen when our Catholic paper is clear, consistent, and unambiguous in what the Church teaches and why.” So well said. There are many who reject certain Church teaching simply because they never really understood it in the first place. Once fully understood, the beauty and truth of the Church teaching shines through.

Theresa M. Piekut, Division Manager
Lighthouse Catholic Media, Not for Profit