Our Readers Respond- December 22, 2010

Christmas: The Word among us

Editor: Christmas is the Word of God among us. Without the Word, there is no truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is so much false reporting in the media for the things in life that are supposed to bring us lasting satisfaction. As we recognize these lies, it is imperative for all of us to really know Jesus by letting His Word speak to our hearts and minds with the only truth that can truly satisfy.

Consumer products have their place in our lives, but they cannot bring us lasting happiness. Time spent in reading Holy Scripture and acting upon the Word will help us build a life that fosters peace and joy in us and in our neighbor.

May Jesus bless us this Christmas and in the New Year as we remain grounded in His Word. A Blessed Christmas to all!
Dorothy Grover

Christ’s birthday

Editor: In preparing to honor the Christ Child’s birthday, December 25, ’tis truly “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!” where even strangers are more courteous and thoughtful, and generosity abounds.

As a nonagenarian, I marvel at recent generations who, seemingly, have emerged unscathed from the discovery that Clement C. Moore’s “Saint Nick” was a charming fantasy, and who continue to share it with their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

It was delightful to learn that many churches provide children with a re-enactment of a “Visit from St. Nicholas,” whose feast day is December 6, and who was the original Santa Claus, a bishop from a former country in Asia Minor, Myra. This good Samaritan spent Christmas Eve honoring the Christ Child’s imminent birthday by personally delivering gifts to his needy flock. What a wonderful transition for children who discover Moore’s myth, and are already aware of the first Santa Claus.

Surely, it is St. Nicholas’ altruistic spirit that pervades our society this Christmas season, and not the jolly, little fat guy’s.

And a Blessed Christmas to ALL!

Florence Ward McCue
East Norwich

Awakening Faith

Editor:The article reporting the Awakening Faith meeting at St. Bernard’s (TLIC 12/1) was most welcome. Our young people of that age group require ongoing instruction to obtain a thorough knowledge of their Catholic religion. This is a good start.

Hopefully, with these sessions we shall witness an increase in attendance at Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and other forms of worship by this population.

May the Holy Spirit continue to guide those involved in this teaching endeavor.

Barbara Woessner